We are committed to providing high quality business advice at a cost effective price.

Our services will help generate ongoing operational savings and increase revenue to ultimately increase your business’s effectiveness and profitability.

Individually tailored

Because your business is unique, so are the services we can provide to you. We develop and deliver an individually tailored service to each of our clients based on their unique needs.

To ensure the best value for money possible for your business, Progenitor Advisory Services does not have a fixed price per client. Our fees are typically based on the time required to provide our services.


If you have a budget in mind we can prioritise our services to suit your financial needs. This approach is what sets us apart. If you choose to invest in our services you can expect to join our other clients whose increased profitability has exceeded their modest investment.

Free Trial

If you’re interested in using our services, or just want to see how we can help, simply complete the contact form or give us a call to request a free trial.

We’ll be happy to meet with you to give you some advice and recommendations, and discuss how we can work together.

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